The fire extinguishers that we often encounter are generally bright red in color and of course there are also clear instructions regarding the proper and correct use of the fire extinguisher in the vicinity of its placement. For the fire extinguishing media itself, there are several types of dry chemical powder, co2, foam, and gas liquid CFC. Get the best fire extinguisher inspection service on our website.

Then what are the components of the fire extinguisher? The following parts, functions and completeness of the fire extinguisher:

1. Tube (Cylinder)
The tube is the outer part of the fire extinguisher, the tube itself is made of mild steel which is widely applied in chemistry, metallurgy and mechanics. The reason for using this material is to be resistant to chemicals and resistant to measured pressure. The tube itself is made without welding or seamless. The goal is to minimize the risk of leakage compared to welded joints.

2. Valve
Valve functions as a valve to regulate and control the flow of media (contents) in the tube.
So the task of this valve is to open and close the valve so that the contents in the tube cannot come out without us opening the valve.

3. Handle or Lever
This component functions as a handle and also helps the valve to remove the contents from the tube or open and close the valve.

4. Hose or Siphon tube
This component serves to distribute the contents of the media in the APAR. Usually the hose has several types depending on the weight of how many kilos the tube will be used.

5. Nozzle
This nozzle component is usually connected to a hose. This nozzle also has a function to direct where the fire source is.

6. Pressure gauge / indicator
This component functions to find out how much pressure N2 is in the APAR tube. The purpose is also as an indicator to monitor the pressure of the fire extinguisher to remain stable.

7. Nozzle Holder
This component is used for hose mounts on tubing only. Which is usually located at the bottom side of the tube and can’t move or is attached.

8. Safety Pin
Safety pin is a safety on the fire extinguisher tube. This safety pin is usually located at the top of the fire extinguisher handle. If this safety pin is not opened in the event of a fire, the fire extinguisher will not function.


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