Common Problem With Freon In AC


It is important to get a routine check from englewood air conditioning service to know the condition of the Air Conditioning in your house. If in fact, the air conditioner is clean but not cold, the second step you can take is to check the freon gas pressure. Please install your manifold on the nozzle to fill the freon on the outdoor unit. Observe whether there is still pressure or run out to ZERO.

If there is still pressure, it’s probably just a lack of freon. and this can be considered normal. The cause can be from a subtle leak which can be difficult to find the leak, it can also be from a loose nipple. The solution is please tighten all the bolts, after that add the freon pressure with the same type of freon on the air conditioner. What is certain is that it must be commensurate with the maximum ampere limit (sturdiness) of the AC compressor engine.

Conversely, if the burr on the manifold proves to be zero, it means that the freon pressure is running out. This is caused by a leak, this can happen to the indoor evaporator, outdoor condenser, installation pipe, pipe connection plug to the indoor, or the clamp located on the outdoor. The steps you can take are: Refill the freon to full, usually 80-90 PSI, and 125 PSI for AC inverters. After that, open the indoor and outdoor bodies, don’t forget to also open the air conditioner pipe wrapper. Take a soapy sponge so that there is foam.

After that apply foam to all-copper pipes as well as condenser or outdoor. Observe and pay close attention to whether there are air bubbles or there is oil in the pipes, evaporator, or condenser. If there are air bubbles or oil, it means that there is a point of the freon leak. Note: Finding freon leaks is a very tricky job. Especially if the installation pipe is planted on the wall, of course, this will break the already slick wall.

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