Nowadays making custom t-shirt is way easier with the help of t shirt creator. However, many mistakes often happen in the process like the problem with image resolution. Generally, consumers upload images with a small resolution. As a result the design drawings that appear to be less than optimal, cracked, and unclear shape. This will become a problem when the results of the image are printed into the shirt. Therefore, to solve this problem, you could upload images with an ideal resolution of 1000 x 1000 and measuring 150 DPI. The purpose of DPI is to measure visual print results seen from the linear point shape of an image. The value of the DPI correlates, although not directly with the resolution or sharpness of an image. Now, to create maximum image results on the t-shirts that you design, it is suggested using the ideal design image resolution.

Another problem that is often found about t-shirt designs with their images is the color selection of designs that are too bright. Some of the colors that are meant are like shocking green, lime green, and bright yellow. The color will be difficult to implement optimally because the bright colors in the image are not directly proportional to the color of the link provided. So, the solution is simply to choose a simple picture in the sense that it is not too bright nor too dark.

Brightness problems in pictures could also be a problem that could be disappointing. In addition to color, it turns out the brightness in the image also often causes quite serious problems. On the one hand, consumers expect the results of the images they upload. But on the other hand, designers see the uploaded images are less than the maximum. The solution, the designer team also did the lighting on the incoming design drawings. And vice versa, if the image is too bright, the designer team will also embezzle the object. Don’t let your guard down and repeat the mistake. Express yourself with a custom t-shirt but avoid these mistakes.


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