Come on, get to know each generation’s favorite interior design!


Being born in a different year makes you live in a different era. Over time the development of interior design is also increasingly varied. Of course, every generation has its favorite interior design. Often hear the phrase “different people have different styles”? But have you ever thought about why this happened? Of course, many reasons distinguish the style of each person. But one of the things that distinguish tastes is that we are born in different generations. Come on, get to know each generation’s favorite interior design by visit here.

Baby boomers are the generation born in 1946-1964. At that time the houses were filled with retro-style interior designs. It can also be known as a modern mid-century style interior design. 1950s interior design has clean lines and unexpected pastel-like colors that are widely used these days. The classic houses at that time were decorated with colorful furniture, pasted posters with icons from television, photo frames full of photography, cinemas, and small shelves containing a series of comics containing propaganda towards the end of the 50s. Mid-century modern is one of the interior designs that present a lot of colors. Designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Herman Miller, Eero Saarinen, and Isamu Noguchi are major contributors to the modern mid-century style. This interior design features unique geometric shapes and curves made from a mixture of natural and man-made materials.

You can find a lot of antique furniture in this interior design. Table tulips were very popular in the 1950s. A round table surrounded by shaped chairs or molded chairs. Molded chairs themselves have different color and material variants. From glass, wood, to plastic. The room where the tulip table is placed is often the main focus that affects the interior design of the room. For the living room, the modern mid-century style has its interior design. Usually, the room will be filled with buttoned sofas or buttoned sofas that are city-style and also small cabinets with storage space that can be pushed to the side and several small drawers as a place under the television. Do not forget the geometric motifs and stripes, which will help unite all the elements in the living room.

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