The floods that hit your house may be slowly receding. Although the water has receded, residents whose houses were affected by flooding still have to struggle to clean their homes and furniture from the rest of the flood. Water from floods will usually be mixed with mud which is certainly very dirty to the furniture, including carpets. Do not rush to throw away or change the carpet, if the carpet is not damaged, then it can still be cleaned professionally by the However, you could also try to clean it up a little while waiting for the professional service.

Dissolve dishwashing liquid or soap in water. You can also use vinegar as a cleaning liquid. Try not to use detergent because it can damage the carpet. Gently rub the carpet. Rub the cleaning liquid on the dirty carpet. Use a soft brush or use a cloth made from microfiber so as not to damage the carpet. Do not rub too hard, because usually a wet carpet or rug is easily damaged by rubbing. Then you need to spray the disinfectant liquid. Don’t forget to spray disinfectant liquid to get rid of bacteria. This must be done because the flood water that hits the home furniture carries a lot of germs and bacteria. Although it is difficult to get sunlight, drying the carpet can be done in the morning when the sun appears. Do not leave the carpet if you want to leave the house, because if it rains, the carpet will get wet again.

As much as possible to not use the carpet first if it is still moist, because it can cause musty odor. The carpet must be completely dry to be comfortable to use and not cause new problems. It’s not an easy thing, but cleaning up carpets that can still be used will be a solution so you don’t need to buy a new carpet, which certainly costs a lot more. Even being hit by floods has provided many losses. Make sure all furniture, including carpet, must be clean so as not to cause disease that often arises after the flood.

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