The development of an increasingly advanced and modern era, making almost all the work needs to be supported by gadgets, one of which is a laptop. Often many of the potential buyers do not understand correctly the specifications of the laptop to be purchased. Just because the price is expensive, so many people assume that the laptop is definitely good. Unfortunately, after using the laptop’s specifications are too high or not according to needs. As a result, we indirectly throw money away at things we don’t need. You can get the best laptop on LaptopEzone.

When looking for a cheaper one, it turns out there are still drawbacks, whether the battery is dropping or the memory is apparently not supportive. So, how to have a quality laptop?

Before you buy a laptop, you must first determine whether you will buy a new or used laptop? Of course, this will relate to the allocation of funds that you will spend. If you and want to buy a new laptop but the funds are not yet available, you better “hold” temporarily while saving to prepare the necessary funds.

Tips on choosing the next quality laptop are to choose an operating system. Many prospective buyers are confused when faced with choices from a variety of operating systems from laptops, especially for the layman or “catchy” with the world of technology. There are several operating systems that are commonly sold along with laptops, but there are also laptops that are sold without an operating system. In general, there are at least 3 operating systems commonly sold on the market, including:

Mac OS has the advantages of antivirus which is known to be very powerful. Therefore, when we buy a MacBook, most likely all the data in our laptop files will be stored safely, without worrying about getting infected with viruses or malware.

Windows 10
Most laptops use the operating system from Windows, and the latest version in this era is Windows10 after Windows8 released by the Microsoft company.

Chrome OS
Google issued a Chrome OS with very attractive and elegant interface design in addition to the appearance that is not much different from the operating system of Microsoft products.


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