At present, the trend of wooden houses is starting to spread to big cities and their development is getting faster. When the minimalist style is mushrooming, wood, which is one of the basic materials when building a house, is now back in demand. The use of wood on the walls and floor of the building will give you a different sensation because you will feel close to nature so that you can get cool and comfortable every time. Manufacture,, and installation are carried out with a high level of expertise and attention to room detail and wood materials.

Although wood has a lightweight, wood has a very strong resistance. If you use high-quality wood to build a house, its durability will not be inferior to that of building a house made of concrete. Because it is quite durable, it is not uncommon for us to find that sports halls use a lot of wood on the walls and floors. Also, the wooden house does not require too much maintenance, and if anything needs fixing you can do a little manual repair. In terms of its use, you need to look at the position where the furniture will be placed. For example, for a wooden fence or wall that is often exposed to sunlight and rain, then choose waterproof paint. Thus the wooden fence will not easily rot, overgrown with moss, and mold. For wood floors, use wood paint which protects the wood from friction from shoes and heavy objects.

To enhance a more elegant impression on your modern and minimalist home, you can use a combination of white, turquoise, and ivory colors. Of course, a more modern, simple impression will soon appear in your home from the first impression of seeing your house so you don’t need to be confused anymore.


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