There are various facial soaps whose functions are tailored to skin problems, for example preventing acne, sensitive skin, and even facial soaps made specifically for men. You can learn more on best beauty glow skincare near me.

Adjust cleaning power according to skin type. In the following, we will explain the characteristics of facial soap for each skin type. Check carefully and make it a reference when choosing.

Low pH face soap: Has a mild cleansing power with low irritation content
A face wash with a low pH is recommended for those of you who have sensitive and dry skin because it doesn’t cause excessive side effects. However, the cleaning power is indeed below the face soap which is alkaline. Thus, there is a chance that the dead skin will not be completely removed.

Low alkaline face wash: Has strong cleansing power
Face soap with low alkaline content is able to clean facial impurities completely because it has high cleansing power. Therefore, soap which is alkaline is superior in cleaning. However, sensitive skin should avoid this soap as it can cause irritation.

Facial soap is very important to remove sebum and dirt so that the skin returns to its original condition. However, if it contains stimulants that can damage the skin, it will get the opposite result. You need to be careful in this regard, especially for those of you who have allergies to certain ingredients. Alcohol and antiseptic agents are examples of powerful stimulants for the skin. Other examples are BHT and salicylic acid. You need to pay attention to these two ingredients because they are often used as antioxidants and sterilizers. If these two ingredients are used by people with sensitive skin, the skin will feel sore when using or after use. You can see the ingredients in facial soap on the product packaging and on the internet. Before buying, make sure the product does not contain ingredients that can irritate your skin.


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