The blood that comes out when the cat is peeing certainly makes the owner of this cute pet worried. So what exactly causes a cat to pee blood? Hematuria, that’s the medical language for cats urinating blood. This incident can certainly be caused by several things, especially problems in the urinary tract. But small things like eating dry food too often can trigger a cat to pee blood. In addition to being marked by red urine, interstitial cystitis can also be detected through the cat’s increased frequency of urination. Usually, the cat will also be seen straining when urinating. This disease can be detected by medical treatment such as getting rid of urinary tract stones, crystalluria, and seeing the presence of urinary tract infections. Treatment can be done with abdominal radiographs (x-rays) or ultrasound. Generally, cats who experience this illness are also suspected of using an unhygienic litter box, which is why it’s time for you to switch to the use of dust-free cat litter, which is one of the icons of the best cat litter.

Crystalluria is a condition where there are crystals in the urinary tract so which makes the cat bleed when trying to pass urine. Crystalluria generally affects male cats over the age of 2 years and causes a blockage in the urethra. This difficulty passing urine can cause serious problems. Even if left untreated within 48-72 hours, cats can develop kidney failure and even death. There are two types of crystals that usually block the passage of urine, namely calcium oxalate and struvite. Struvite can be treated with a special diet, while calcium oxalate stones require surgery to remove them because they do not dissolve with a struvite dissolving diet.

Based on additional information, the cause of the appearance of these crystals is also caused by cats consuming dry food for years but not drinking enough water. In older cats, kidney function generally declines, which can lead to urinary tract infections.


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