Having air conditioning or AC has become a necessity. Almost every house has at least one AC to cool the room. But apparently, not everyone understands correctly how to use or operate an air conditioner. Finally, the air conditioner did not function properly and even caused the AC to become damaged quickly. Conduct repairs or AC service is essential. Therefore, you can contact air conditioning port charlotte, FL for all types of AC complaints in your home.

If you do not want to have an AC that is easily damaged you should need to know a few things that cause the AC to become damaged quickly

– Rarely Performing AC Cleaning

AC is an electronic product that we use every day. Of course, this requires extra care. Moreover, the AC works by filtering dirty air into clean. This filtering system causes a lot of dust to accumulate and, if not cleaned, will cause the air conditioner not to work optimally. Another effect is dirt, fungi, and bacteria will flourish and make the air produced by the air conditioner becomes dirty. Therefore do not underestimate this and regularly clean the air conditioner at least once every two months.

– Unstable Electric Voltage

If you routinely perform AC maintenance, but AC performance is still disrupted, you might want to check the voltage at home. Because the energy is not stable, this can affect the performance of electronic goods, including AC. When the power is off, avoid immediately turning on your air conditioner again. Because it can make the compressor on the AC become damaged quickly. Try to wait at least a few minutes after the power is on and then turn on the air conditioner again. This is done so that the compressor can rest for a while before operating still. Also, make sure the electrical power in your home according to needs. If possible, install a stabilizer to ensure that your electronic equipment, including air conditioners, are always functioning.

– Ignoring Freon’s condition

Freon is part of the air conditioner that functions as an air conditioner. Therefore you need to pay close attention to his condition. In general, freon can work for about 4 to 5 years and requires refilling. Some common problems that occur in freon include freon leakage, pipe installation connection errors, or issues with capacitors. One sign of freon leak is the appearance of frost on the pipe connected with the outdoor. Therefore you need to do regular AC maintenance and make sure the freon works appropriately.

– Does not turn off the air conditioner

Another thing that can interfere with AC performance is to use it nonstop continually. If done continuously, it can have fatal consequences. In addition to causing your electricity bill to surge, the components contained in the AC can also be easily damaged because they are forced to work continuously.


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