A wooden house with a design shaped like a Hikari box, this we may often encounter in some countries that still use a lot of wood as their home. Using the Hikari box design can indeed be said to be quite simple and very suitable to be applied to limited land. Not only does the shape look unique, but the colors that are usually used by wooden house owners with Hiraki box designs are also quite good. For the use of their color in applying it to wood, they will prefer to use a professional Woodstock painters. That is because there will be many steps that must be taken to get a good painting result.

Wooden house models with Hikari box designs are indeed widely chosen because of limited land, of course, this will be a problem but by applying the Hikari box design, you will still be able to decorate according to your wishes. As we know that land area is always a problem and we do not have much space to make an empty room which is usually used for guests who are visiting at home. Therefore, with the application of the Hikari box design, this will be able to solve problems related to the room. For the design model, you can apply it like a design made by having two bedroom areas, with each having a capacity large enough to be used by adults.

Wooden houses have quite elastic properties, which can be formed easily and adjusted to the design as we want. This is certainly an advantage for those of you who are planning to build a wooden house on limited land. For the selection of the style of your own wooden house, you can adjust it to the design you use to build your wooden house.


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