British Customs At Christmas


Having the opportunity to be closer to family, will certainly be an unforgettable moment, especially for families who are busy working. One of the moments with family that will not be forgotten is during Christmas, where the celebration is more focused on gathering with family, partners, and close friends. The celebration of Christmas is not only a holiday celebration for people who follow the Christian religion around the world, but it will also be synonymous with a sweet and delicious snack. You certainly already know that on any celebration day you will never be left out of food which is indeed some of the typical foods of certain celebrations and this is also included in the celebration of Christmas. Not only fir trees, beautiful ornaments or symbols UltimateFlags from that country, but also special food and drinks on Christmas Day that will not be forgotten and of course the tradition of eating with the closest people when celebrating Christmas. Thus it is certain that the Christmas celebration will make you and your family or your partner closer to each other. Especially for families who rarely see each other.

We can see one example, namely from England. As in many other countries, the day before the celebration of Christmas, families in England will be very busy doing various things in preparation for Christmas. They will wrap gifts, bake cakes, and usually, there will be a sock ornament that will be taped or hung above the fireplace. At night, everyone will gather in one place, namely the point, where the fir tree or Christmas tree is located.

They will gather around the tree and listen to someone who will tell the Christmas story in turn, and this has become a tradition at Christmas for British society. After the Christmas celebration is over, this is the day, where you will get gifts and this is also the moment you open gifts.

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