The human brain is the most complex part of the human body. Brain waves can be said to be the center of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. Today, the optimization of human brain waves is still being tested. This human intelligence center, if honed and optimized, will increase intelligence, creativity, peace of mind, increase endurance, and excellent problem-solving abilities. One of them is brain wave therapy with binaural beats, such as OmHarmonics binaural beats reviews, although it is still controversial some people believe that this type of therapy is dangerous.

To optimize your brain work, here are 3 brain wave functions that you must understand.

1. Delta (0.5 – 4 Hz)

Delta brain waves are the slowest brain waves where Delta can stimulate the release of anti-aging hormones so that it keeps you young, triggers feelings of empathy, and can even reach extreme levels, causing feelings of relaxation, relaxation, calm, and happiness.

In addition, delta waves can also sharpen intuition, increase endurance by releasing stress and increase your spiritual abilities. These waves are said to be brain waves that play a major role in matters relating to spiritual activities such as astral projection.

However, this truth has not been scientifically proven. People who have done this and have had this experience claim that they use Delta and Theta brainwaves to make connections with different dimensions.

2. Theta (4 – 7.5 Hz)

This Theta wave activity is a brain wave that works in the human subconscious and occurs when humans are in a light sleep state but almost fall asleep in a snoozing position.

These brain waves are usually used during trance, hypnosis, full meditation, prayer, and when humans do something very focused and full of concentration, such as when training and channeling energy through inner energy.

3. Alpha (7.5 – 12.5 Hz)

Alpha waves usually occur when we are relaxed and relaxed. These brain waves can also connect between the conscious mind and the subconscious. Alpha waves are arguably the center of the creativity and intelligence of the human brain.

Working conditions under the influence of Alpha waves will give you more interesting creative ideas. In addition, these waves prevent us from stress conditions that make the immune system weaken. Alpha waves are also good at helping humans in problem-solving.


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