For women, buying a womens watch is the same as buying various other accessories. You need careful consideration. Is not it? In the past, the price was always the first benchmark. But now in the model and brand so the benchmark is in addition to the price. Besides, the shape and age of the user’s hand is also a benchmark, you know. Let it look right in the hand so do not hesitate when wearing August Berg. Well, here are some tips for choosing women’s watches according to the shape of the hands. For you who have small diameter hands, you can consider the criteria below when choosing a watch. Avoid collecting wide-stranded and large bobbed watches. Watches with models like this will seem to burden the hands with a small diameter. A thin-laced wristwatch with a small pendulum will make the hand look more elegant.

In contrast to women who have small diameter hand sizes, women with bigger hand sizes like this are not recommended to use small strappy hours and small bobble. Because the type of woman’s watch with a model like that would seem drowned. Choose a medium to wide strap watch, not too thin strap material, and a medium to large watch pendulum. Usually, women who love to exercise, their hands will look more muscular. Its characteristics are to have hard, strong, and veined hands. For women who have hands like this can choose a watch with a rather large strap size. Also, choose a sporty or masculine model. Avoid ordering wristwatches with stainless steel, chrome, bracelet, and cloth straps because they don’t look as if they are sturdy.

Well, watches that are suitable for hands like this do not have many rules. Just choose any form of a watch that you like. All forms of watches will be very suitable. Besides, the type of watch strap can also adjust to the conditions. Stay adjusted to the activities carried out. For daily activities, you can choose synthetic leather. If you want to use sports, try a rubber strap.


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