Providing vouchers from Retailescaper for customers can be an effective way to increase sales. So, you can get maximum business income. Vouchers are discount cards or coupons that can be used for shopping. For customers, this is certainly very profitable. They can buy the product or what they want at a certain discount, even for free. Usually, online stores give vouchers to customers with certain criteria. For example, because it has successfully completed an order with a certain number of purchases.

Vouchers can also be given at certain events, such as when a customer has a birthday or is part of a loyalty program. Apart from being used for personal purposes, often vouchers are also given by customers to their loved ones as gifts. Giving vouchers can influence purchasing decisions. It is estimated that 60% of customers are more likely to try a new product because of the voucher, while another 46% say they will change their purchase plan. So, it can be a good marketing strategy to increase customer purchases in your online store.

One of the benefits of vouchers that your online business can get is that there will be more sales. When customers get discount coupons or other attractive gifts, they will be more interested in making purchases. Because, the vouchers received will provide many benefits for customers. For example, discounts, cashback, and others. Moreover, vouchers usually have a usage time limit. The existence of a time limit for the use of this voucher will create urgency in the minds of customers. When they are afraid of missing out on a profitable moment, customers will act quickly to make a purchase.

Another benefit of vouchers for your online business is that it can build customer loyalty more easily. Discount vouchers, cashback, and other attractive offers can increase customer confidence in a brand. Customers will feel valued by the brand when they get a voucher after shopping. An estimated 55% of consumers say that businesses that offer coupons and discounts create a more positive impression of their store or brand. As a result, they will not hesitate to make repeat purchases. Gradually, they became loyal customers. This type of customer is much more profitable for the business. Retaining existing customers is also considered easier to do.


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