Every living thing, including humans, must have a desire to play. Even since childhood. For children today, playing can be realized easily since the device is increasingly sophisticated. Just download, lots of exciting game choices. One thing that is rather unfortunate, some parents may forget, letting them play too long in the device is not good for children. It is often seen, if children are not allowed to hold their devices, some will cry, or scream. Tantrums.

Children’s play needs are best met. Parents must be smart enough to manage the portion of playing a device or choose another media. One of them is certainly by introducing them to board games from the bumblebee decorations.

We have summarized some of the main benefits of playing board games for children, namely:

1. The antidote to device dependence
Playing board games can divert children from addictions to excessive device play. As well as being a means for parents to increase the quality time by directly involved playing board games with their beloved children.

2. Practicing focus
Each game basically has rules for achieving the goals of the game. Playing board games can train children to focus on. Slowly try to listen to the rules set by parents. Parents can also judge whether the child can follow the rules that have been explained or even easily distracted by other things.

3. Emotion Control
Every game there is a win and lose. When playing board games, the child’s expression and emotions will be seen because of direct interaction. Parents can use this moment to start teaching children how they should control their emotions.

4. Cultivating the spirit of competition
Some children may feel insecure. Embarrassed, feeling competition is not the right stage for him. Because board games can usually be played for two or more people with a fairly fair system, this can trigger children to be more confident. Moreover, opponents are their own parents.


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