The system provided by Cisco Meraki is proven to be one of the best cloud networking systems that will give you many benefits especially when handling business that located all over the world. Cloud networking is a combination of computer technology on a network that utilizes a cloud platform to operate programs together at one time and of course must be connected to the internet. However, not all computers connected to the internet can be called using cloud networking. Proven with a high level of efficiency, many companies use cloud computing to do work activities. One of them is a retail store network that easily provides sales data to company owners in real-time anytime and anywhere. So make sure that you get your Meraki License Renewal right now to be able to use the system that will make your business thriving and easy to manage.

Before discussing the shortcomings of cloud computing, we first discuss what are the advantages so you can consider it well. Come, see below. Ease of managing to access software, applications, and services without the need for installation. Users do not need to do maintenance, because the cloud service provider has simplified the process through existing resources. The next advantage of cloud computing is that it saves technology costs in the company because to have an in-house server requires a large capital cost. Besides, the cost of electricity and cooling the server room can be allocated to other costs.

Cloud computing is a flexible system, if the data stored is too large, it automatically increases its capacity without the need to increase the number of computers. The strategic advantage of cloud computing, the continuous development of technology can give your company an advantage over competitors. Users are expected to be able to focus on the main business activities and objectives with more time. One of the disadvantages is you have to ensure security. Using a cloud computing system means that you fully entrust the security and confidentiality of data to the cloud provider. For that, you need to find a cloud computing partner that already has an ISO standardized certificate or to guarantee its security.


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