There’s an excess of poisonous debris floating around in the ethers of earth earth. It has reached a point where every human must guard against depleted radiation, calcium forming organisms, fantastic contagions, fungi, mould and bacteria. We can do this by ayahuasca diet a pure diet of spiritual foods and super foods that will detox us from these chemicals. What has this got to go with featuring you might ask?

Quite a lot! ayahuasca diet Dreams aren’t just insulated to the physical aeroplane for we aren’t just physical beings. We’re multidimensional. We live on the etheric, emotional, internal and spiritual aeroplanes as well as the physical. Dreams renewal the conduct that we took during the day, the feelings we endured, the studies that we allowed and issues of these conduct, feelings and studies on every position of our being. We’re also veritably connected to our earth, to other globes, our solar system, our macrocosm and beyond in a state of oneness. When universal, galactic and planetary changes do, some people are apprehensive of these changes purposely but for the maturity, mindfulness is limited to the subconscious situations.

These events may be reflected in our dreams. If the subconscious mind is busy juggling rudiments of the physical body to keep us alive also what’s passing in our lesser sphere of influence may not filter through to our dreams. Our focus is honed and narrowed to the physical body so that the utopian can get that sorted. The physical body is an important lightbody, for all other lightbodies are anchored to it. It’s the foundation upon which all additional is erected. Good diet and maintaining a fit healthy body becomes veritably important to the serious dream worker and spiritual applicant. Eating small amounts of undressed high nutritive living foods is the ideal for utmost people. By eating foods high in nutrition we actually feel less empty and can eat lower food. This gives our digestive system a rest and allows our mind to concentrate on the bigger picture and what we’re really then to do. All of this shows up in our dreams.


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