Aspiring Barista? Get Acquainted With This Coffee Machine Master!


For many people, now coffee has become a drink that must be enjoyed every day, especially for coffee lovers. This is the reason why the existence of an espresso Coffee Machine will be needed rotaryana. In addition to facilitating the process of making coffee, by having their espresso coffee machine, they can also save time, especially in the morning when they have to go to work in a hurry, but still want to enjoy a cup of coffee while on the road. Thus, choosing an espresso coffee machine that suits your needs is very important. This is to avoid you from buying products that are too expensive and excessive in terms of specifications. So, what kind of Coffee Machine is suitable to have?

Therefore, the following are some types of automatic coffee machines that may be suitable or according to our needs;

ME-709 Coffee Maker, this type has various functions in serving coffee. This machine can make espresso, cappuccino, china tea, froth milk, or milk foam and has other functions as a grinder of coffee beans into ready-to-serve coffee. This machine has 2 heaters so that for serving coffee it has a faster serving time which only takes about 2 minutes. This machine can be applied in hotels, bars, or restaurants.

SN-3035L Coffee Maker, this type has the function to make espresso, cappuccino, china tea, and froth milk. If the ME-709 coffee maker is operated fully automatic, for this type of coffee maker it is operated semi-automatically, another distinguishing function is that this machine uses coffee grounds directly and is not equipped with a function to grind coffee beans. This machine can be applied in hotels, bars, or restaurants.

Lanna-1GR Coffee Maker, this type has a special function to make Espresso and Capuccino, or it can also be called an espresso coffee machine. Produce quality Espresso and Capuccino with a level of viscosity that we can adjust. This machine has more water storage capacity than the ME-709 or SN-3035L coffee machines. This machine has other similar types and has the same function, namely Lanna-2GR and IBERIA. This machine can be applied in hotels, bars, or restaurants.

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