Applying for a visa so you can stay in the UK is not an easy thing to do. Many things that you have to prepare starting from the requirements such as language skills so you have to do a english knowledge test in advance, and various other needs that will take time to be taken care of. That is why you need to make various preparations so that the visa application process does not interfere with your studies and work. But, now you do not have to worry because there is a new scheme that will make it easy to apply for a visa for international students.

After getting satisfactory trial results, a new scheme that makes it easy to apply for a visa after graduation for international students began to be implemented in 23 universities in the UK. The new scheme has been formalized by the British Headquarters. Previous trials were conducted at four universities in the UK, namely the University of Bath, Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London. Now, the new scheme will be implemented in 19 other British universities. So a total of 23 universities in the UK can implement the new scheme. This new procedure is very beneficial for international students, because the visa application process is simpler and faster, and there are fewer documents requested. Besides, more support will be provided for postgraduate students in the UK who want to find work after graduating from college.

Some assistance will be given in the transition period, and international students will be given six months (after graduation) to stay in the UK while looking for work. Stephenson, Deputy Director of International Recruitment at the University of Liverpool (which is included in the list of new schemes), said that News that our university is included in the new visa scheme has received positive responses from our students and overseas partners. We understand that the value of investment and closeness to the industry are important factors that are considered by international students when determining study destinations. Now our international students can stay in the UK for 6 months after graduation, so they have more time to plan after graduation, and also the process for applying for a visa is now also simpler.


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