Modern music like today has so many genres that can be heard. Music can be heard anywhere, such as radio, MP3, platforms, and even music boxes. However, music now also has weaknesses. The explanation is below.

The advantages of modern music:

1. Has many genres. The art of modern music is one of the branches of music that has the fastest development so that it can give birth to various types of music genres. With so many genres of music provides various alternative types of music that suits their personality and interests and likes.

2. Having more supporting elements in music. With the continued development of the modern music world, there is a possibility that the supporting elements of modern music will also continue to develop following the innovations that have emerged with a variety of musical works of music. The supporting elements of music so far include harmony, scale, tempo, melody, dynamics, timbre, rhythm or rhythm, and also time.

3. Get high art appreciation. Music art is the art that gets the most forms of high appreciation in society. Various kinds of music arts workers can get abundant income when their work is favoured by various elements of society. This form of high appreciation from the community can also be seen from a variety of musical art shows that are more crowded with art enthusiasts than other arts and there are various awards in the world of modern music art.

Weaknesses of modern music:

1. Relying heavily on technology. Because the art of music is an art form that is formed due to a touch of technology that continues to develop in society, the first weakness of the art of music itself is to rely too much on technology and are highly dependent on instruments or musical instruments.

2. It follows the listener’s needs more than the value of his own artwork. The need for music artists to create a variety of works that follow the needs of the listener makes the quality of the musical works of music produced lack any artistic value. More works of art created to earn money compared to music created to express the artistic value of their creators.

3. Many genres of modern music are lost eroded by time. Another weakness of modern music artworks is the condition where the development of the world of modern music which is quite high will easily sacrifice a variety of genres or types of modern music that are not in accordance with the era so that the genre will disappear by itself.

Those are some reviews about the weaknesses and strengths of modern music art compared to other types or branches of music so that it is easier to understand the differences that exist between branches of existing musical art.


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