About Me

Hi My name is Carolissa Bramowitz and I am the founder, owner and editor at Renee Jeanne Mignard! Have you ever watched the film Julie & Julia, or the success story that started from a hobby of cooking in magazines or on TV? Well, cooking is my hobby and this blog is dedicated to my hobby. I am not a professional chef or even working at a restaurant right now, I just love making something delicious that much! Certainly, my hobby is not only making me happy but also my friends and family because they get to taste the food after it’s done. I believe that my hobby is God’s gifts that I get without a struggle. I have to use it. My job is to be grateful and use it for positive goals.

Cooking is part of the therapy. As a therapy, cooking can be used as an activity to reduce stress and treat heartaches. It was also found that people who do physical activity with all their love for only 20 minutes a week can make you not get tired quickly. Amazing right? Not only that, what we will get if we are optimally grateful for a hobby. The wise man said, a person will get happiness when he has found three things: a) the activities that he truly lives wholeheartedly because of love, b) the purpose for which he serves, and c) those who he loved and loved him.

That is why I decide to make this blog to channel my cooking hobby and to spread the love by sharing all these awesome and delicious recipes to you. Who knows maybe you need to start cooking to heal your broken heart or simply grief-baking. In this blog you will find everything you need to know about cooking, I will also feature videos from the professional and amateur chef that have unique and fresh content in cooking. So, enjoy the food!

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