In general, almost all kitchen knives are made of metal elements that have been combined with other elements, of course, the goal is to make the knife stronger, harder, lighter and of higher quality. Aside from that, if you’re interested in Japanese steel knives, we suggest you read a detailed review of Kamikoto.

As for some materials commonly used to make knives are as follows:

First, high-carbon stainless steel. Knives made of steel are very in demand by chefs because of their sharpness, have resistance to the edges, sharpening it easier, and resistant to corrosion.

This type of high-carbon stainless steel material is widely used by famous knife manufacturers. Usually, this knife is designed with a high aesthetic and ergonomic so it is very comfortable when used.

Second, stainless steel. Knives made from this material are more resistant to corrosion, but not as sharp as high-carbon stainless steel knives. Knives made of high-quality stainless steel have the advantage because the maintenance is very easy, it may not even need maintenance at all.

Third, ceramic material (ceramic). Because it is made of ceramic material, this knife is not chemically reactive, so it won’t change the color of the food or change the taste. But you must be careful when using this ceramic knife because it breaks easily when dropped.

This ceramic knife is very hard and light and very sharp. In addition, the advantage of having this knife, it is easier to care for because it does not need to sharpen it, just clean it after use.

In addition, materials made for knife handles are various, some are made from wood, resin, plastic or metal. Manufacturers of quality kitchen knives usually design the handle of the knife in accordance with ergonomic principles so that it is more fitting and comfortable when held and used.

A comfortable handle will provide good control of the blade, making it easier when using it for various complicated things when processing various foods.

You can determine for yourself the comfort level of the handle of the knife by trying to hold it when buying it directly. However, if you buy online, you need to make sure the image and size are right for the grip in general.


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