Finding work is not easy. Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, which has not only affected new graduates, many employees have had to be laid off and become unemployed. This certainly increases competition in the world of work which is getting tougher and fiercer. In hr recruiter, you can find jobs that can be tailored to what you want even amid a pandemic like this.

Here are strategies that can speed up finding a new job amid a pandemic.

1. Search for job vacancies according to interest
Look for job vacancies that are by your interests or hobbies so that if you are accepted there will be no burden when running it. Interests or hobbies that are by the work to be engaged in will usually help workers to be more productive in producing something. Not only that, but it could also be that the quality produced is better than those whose work does not match your interest.

2. Train soft skills
In certain jobs, it is not uncommon for soft skills to be needed more than hard skills. Soft skills that every applicant must have are good communication or interpersonal skills, social and emotional intelligence.

3. Take advantage of trusted job sites
Try looking for these opportunities on trusted job sites that are widely used, such as on what jobs. Take advantage of the site as much as possible to speed up you’re getting a new job.

4. Feel fit and comfortable
This is important because there must be a sense of comfort after applying. Even though you are in a rush, don’t be hasty and close your eyes to spread applications to vacant companies. Stay selective in choosing jobs, convince yourself that the company you have chosen can also provide benefits.

5. Maintain personal reputation on social media
Many prospective applicants fail or are not accepted for work because of their digital footprint. Whether it’s content uploaded on social media, affiliation with certain groups, or other things that are considered contradictory and inappropriate. Therefore, use and utilize social media wisely and positively so that it doesn’t become a stumbling block for you in starting your career.


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