Since 2014, the selfie trend has become increasingly popular and is carried out across generations. Starting from ordinary people, artists, even high-ranking officials taking pictures of themselves or busy with friends, which are commonly referred to as groufies. There are also many photography themes such as fotografia publicitaria, which continues to be a hobby for Women. Moreover, thanks to a row of cellphones with the best front cameras, you can take fun selfies without worrying about the results of the photos being blurry or not bright enough. Here’s how to take a great selfie with the front camera!

1. Find the Right Lighting
One of the main keys to a good selfie is the right lighting. This is because HP cameras need light to capture photo objects. Therefore, you have to make sure that the light intake around you is large enough. When in doubt, you can point your face directly at the light, for example at sunlight or a lamp. Do not let you turn your back to the light because it will make your photo look dark due to the backlight. The more natural the light, the more captivating your selfies will be.

2. Choose a Background That Matches the Selfie Concept
Even though the main focus of a selfie is you or your friends, the background in the photo is also very influential and can add or reduce the aesthetics of your photo. Pay close attention, taking a selfie with a blank or plain background will be much more flat and boring than taking a photo with a more colorful background. You also have to remember that a background that has a bright color has the potential to reflect light so that your selfie photo will be brighter and sharper.

3. Try to hold the cellphone as far as possible
Want to know the secret of a good celebrity selfie? Pay attention to the viewing angle and distance of the cellphone when taking photos. If you can hold the HP away from your face it will be even better. By giving the distance far enough, you can get a wider angle. You can also get a lot of objects on the left and right.

4. Find the Right Photo Angle and Pose
The angle of the photo also really determines whether or not your selfie results are good. Moreover, adding the right composition of lighting, angles, and backgrounds will make your photos perfect. Tips from us, take an angle photo by directing the cellphone slightly above. This will make your chinless visible and your cheeks look thinner. After that, you can determine a good selfie-style with the front camera. Remember, you should also consider this with the composition of the photo that we conveyed earlier.


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