Considering how important a camping tent does not mean you just choose to use a camping tent. You also have to make sure that the type of tent is fit and comfortable when used for shelter, especially if you are in the open. Of course, you prefer a tent that is practical, safe, and can be carried anywhere. Besides tents, there is much other equipment that you can buy at survivalenvy for your camping needs. Here are 3 types of tents that you can use in Camping activities.

Dome tent
For those of you who have a hobby of trekking or climbing, of course, familiar with this type of Dome tent. This tent has a characteristic in the form of a curve on the pillars that support the two or three-pole poles that run a half circle to support the tent.

The advantage of this type of dome tent is that the dome tent has a medium size with a capacity of 6-7 children or 4-5 adults. Material and weight are light so it is easy to carry everywhere. Dome tents are also equipped with an outside base so it is safe during the rainy season.

Tunnel Tent
One type of tent that you can use in Camping activities is the Tunnel tent. This one type of tent has a very unique tent shape. Tunnel tents seem open, but good for camping in nature. Very versatile, suitable for a variety of environments.

The advantage of this tent is that its pointed end offers more protection against wind. It is suitable for camping activities with the family or with a large capacity of people. And comfortable to use and has lots of space.

Tent Ridge
Maybe you still remember when sitting on the school bench, generally, Ridge tents are used by scouts when camping. This type of tent is like a house with a triangular roof.

Some of the advantages of Ridge tents are that it is sturdier than most other types of tents. Stay stable when hit by strong winds and bad weather. Have a variety of sizes. And it’s easy to install, but the settings can be more complicated than most types of tents.


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