2 Tips To Avoid When Baking


For those of you who have a business with a burn menu, what is the best ceramic bbq grill that will be very suitable for you to use in your business? Having a culinary business is enough to provide good profits. Because as we know that the culinary business, especially those related to the grilled menu, of course, everyone will definitely like and even be tempted to always eat again. The main ingredient that is usually used is meat. Starting from boiled, and fried to grilled. And one of the more complicated cooking methods is roasting. You need to understand the correct way of grilling to get tender and delicious roasted meat. Here are some things you need to avoid when you are in the process of roasting meat.

First, you need to remember, that never put oil on the grill. In the roasting process, there is a process of applying oil not on the grill but on the meat to be burned. If you put oil on the grill, of course, this will risk causing a fairly large fire suddenly and of course, this will not be good for the meat you are roasting. Not only will it be bad for the meat you are roasting but it will also be harmful to your skin if exposed to the hot coals. In addition, the oil you apply will become even more sticky and this will make the meat stick to the grill even more. This process is very wrong because it will make the roasted meat drier

Second, do not put meat on a grill that is still cold. It’s good if you preheat the grill first. If in this case you use charcoal then wait for the charcoal to be covered with ash. Preheating, this is done so that the grill is easy to clean

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